Garage Heating – 9/24/2011 Update

Remounted the opener.  The board that was holding it cracked, so I used a 2×8 instead:

Last weekend, we got the rafters added along with some supporting boards:

Note in the above picture, there are some boards that needed to be trimmed that extended below the rafter.  Here they are trimmed:

I still need to add rafter boards at the front and back of the front half before I can insulate and drywall.  The front of the garage has some wires for the garage opener which needs to be re-located.

Think I have figured out my garage door closing problem.  Towards the bottom when closing, the door sides from side-to-side and sometimes stops the opener.  Well, my garage opening walls are not straight up and down, but the opener is – see pics:

I also measured the distance between the rails in the middle and bottom and they are off by at least an inch.  So after dry-walling, I can work on the door as time permits.  Might have to get some help with that!  The goal for this next week is to get the ceiling insulated and dry-walled for the front half!

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