Jun 9, 2013 Update

Did some more work on the floor pan:

Holding in place with some welding magnets:


Started tacking the pan in place – used a copper plate backing for the wider gaps:IMG_0265

Removed magnets and used some clamps to help hold in place:IMG_0266

Realized I needed to order some more copper plate backing tools from eastwood – they should arrive this next week.  They will help for the larger gaps to prevent burn through.  Also, the steering wheel was getting in my way (head kept banging into it) so I removed the steering column and remaining dash items along with the wiring:IMG_0267 IMG_0268

Cleaned dash area – should be able to work easier without banging into anything.  These needed to be cleared out anyway for painting:  Need to finish tacking and welding in the floor patch, but the it looks like it is fitting well although it still needs a little massaging.IMG_0269

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