Dec 28, 2013 Update

Fine-tuned the garage door to make it easier to open & close which has been a problem after the drywall (bowing the door guide).  Seems to be working much better now.

Also took advantage of the warm weather to cut up some pieces of metal for the next project which is to build an engine run stand for a built 454 I am looking at buying…  Still need to get some more materials for that project.  Cut this up outside while it was warm – otherwise the dust that is generated inside makes a mess of things.


Also got some air-filled casters that I hope to put on the Rotisserie so this spring, I can roll the shell outside easier to power wash the bottom among other things.  Need to do some work with the Rotisserie later this winter.  Note: The other casters are for the engine run stand.IMG_0507