On Hold for awhile…

My new Norwegian Elkhound puppy… The Camaro will be slow until he can stay in back yard by himself which should be late Summer early Fall, then I can get back to the project.
IMG_1349 IMG_1362 IMG_1376

Inside shell – 5/2/2015

Most recent photos from sanding inside shell. Still have the passenger floor pan, door frame, firewall sides, and window channels. Might be later Summer into Fall before I can get back to this as I have a new Norwegian Elkhound puppy that is demanding my time.
Removed the seam sealer:

Rear Shackle Brackets

Received my rear-shackle brackets from AccessibleSystems – this is a better design than what I had been using. I have another set to mount where the rear bumper is (for painting floor). This set is to mount under the car for when I am priming.