Found a nice center console

I found a very nice original center console.  I had a reproduction console I was going to use, but prefer the original ones as they are a better quality – there are a couple spots that will need restoring.  Click the images to cycle through the pictures:

10/25/2015 – Bought another part today

Located a nice grill for the rear defroster (click image to cycle through the images):

Been busy getting things at home ready for winter – still have some leaves to rake, then hope to get back out to the garage to work on the Camaro within the next few weeks \ month.

10/19/2015 – Misc new to me parts

Bought a working a/c housing (click image to cycle) – I am going with the stock a/c rather than an after market a/c system because the stock a/c uses outside air and I believe to be better than the after market systems.:

Also a New Old Stock (nos) ac-evaporator (click image to cycle):

And a nos rear window defogger case, fan, and motor (all nos) – I decided to buy this after finding a nos switch to place on my bezel. I wanted the switch rather than the closed hole in the bezel, so I had to find the defogger to go with it!:

and last but not least, a nos headlight switch:s-l1600

Epoxy Primer

Finally got the car primed in Epoxy primer.  2 coats inside, 3 outside.  Click the image to cycle through the pictures.  I was worried with the primer when I saw that some had leaked out and gelled.  All turned out just fine.

Picklex – applied

After applying the picklex and allowing it to dry, there was some chalky residue left over in spots.  I gently scuffed it away after asking the vendor, then tacked it off to be ready to prime.  (Click image for slideshow).


It has been a while since I last updated my progress.  Will make several updates today.  First, I used por-patch on both sides of my patch panel (click image to cycle through the pictures).  This comes in a tube and I ran a bead along the welded area, then used an acid brush to smooth it out.  This sealed and pin holes that might be left over from welding.