Firewall Painted

Worked on the firewall that last few days.  3 coats epoxy primer, seal sealer and 3 coats paint:

Masked to protect other areas I didn’t want over spray on:

1st coat epoxy:

2nd coat epoxy:

3rd coat epoxy

Waited until the next day and seal sealed where needed using both caulking gun and brushable seal sealer:

Got a little where I didn’t intend to – it was ok since I was painting over it anyways – removed what I could get:

3 coats paint the day after seam sealing:

Next steps are to prime and undercoat the floor, unhook the rotisserie and get the firewall brackets and get the remaining unpainted area on the firewall.  Thinking I will need to keep it on the rotisserie for block-sanding the roof next summer before putting the rotisserie away.

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