05-26-2019 – Undercoating Progress

Yesterday I was able to practice applying u-pol Raptor bedliner (for undercoating) to a spare piece of sheet metal.  Today I masked the shell in preparation which I hope to apply sometime next week (weather permitting)…

Before pic – I had previously sanded, primed, and scuffed: 1st coat at 50 psi: 2nd coat an hour later: Test tape and ear plug (for screw holes) removed after 45 minutes – no problem: Test tape and ear plug removed after 1.5 hours – no problem!: When it came to masking, I started at the front: Then each side of the car: Finally the rear: and wheel wells: I still need to cover the floor and tools and then clean and plug the holes and tape where I don’t want it to be applied. I have no concerns after testing on cardboard and the spare sheet metal – just need to find the time and have the weather cooperate. The temp was around 70-75 at 60% humidity inside the garage when I tested – doesn’t get any better than that!

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