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3-11-2018 – S10 Door

Finished up the drivers side door.  Putting off the 3rd door for a while – might have a friend that does bodywork do that one.  This tool was key to getting the door to line up properly to close.  Slides into the latch and striker then you use leverage to tweak it into place:

Finally closes!

and opens!

Swapped out the mirror and weather strip from original door:

Interior swapped!
Still need to do the 3rd door and eventually paint the driver’s door, but at least it is much better now!

3-7-2018 – S10 Door(s)

Got the donor driver’s side door mounted.  Doesn’t quite line-up correctly to shut and there is no adjusting.  Thinking it is the damage to the 3rd door which I will need to replace.  I was hoping I could delay doing that.

Could’t quite get the new pins flush – put that on hold for now:

Donor door mounted – trial fit with 3rd door open (in back):
Just off by a hair with the 3rd door shut: Another shot at the damaged portion of the 3rd door:

3-4-2018 – S-10 Door

Didn’t get as much done as I had hoped.  I did get the door off.  Ended up using a hammer and punch to get the pins out.  Needed to jack the end of the door for the bottom pin (first), then the center or entire door for the upper pin (last) after first removing the spring.  Not too bad once you know what to do.  Next will be to mount the replacement door this next week then swapping components from one to the other.  Having a door jack is needed for a one man operation!  Luckily, I don’t need to drive anywhere this next week!

3-2-2018 – Weekend Plans

Found this on e-Bay.  It is a Kent-Moore J-39761-A Door Hinge Spring Remover/Installer. Just received it today and did a trial-fit on the door hinges/pins. This is specifically made for 1996-2003 S-10 hinges – along with the other generic tools I bought, I think I am finally ready to tackle this job. I really didn’t like the idea of banging the pins out with a hammer!  I plan on swapping out my damaged driver’s side door (from earlier post) with the replacement donor door I bought. I will also have to swap out interior and misc parts, but the door is the largest part to tackle. Depending on how it goes, I will tackle the third door at a later time which I expect to be a little more challenging because of how the donor door hinges were removed. Now that the warmer weather and longer days are arriving, I hope to get some more to-do’s tackled in the garage.

Jun 9, 2014 Update

$43 later and I can open & close my hood on the S-10 again – had to replace the hood latch. Been trying to get the hood open and then I went to try it again and it opened. I left it open and located a replacement latch at AutoZone so I got my neighbor to pick it up for me. So back to the trunk lid tomorrow!

S10 Broke Down!

My S10 pickup has been having an issue where the brake light and ABS light would come on.  Also the engine light would sometimes come on.  Had it checked out at Midas.  Midas couldn’t get a reading and told me to stop by the next time it came on.  Well… yesterday I ran out for lunch and the lights came on.  I took it to Midas and they got a reading, but couldn’t figure out the problem and recommended a place to take it to.  Driving back home, it quit on me several times until I was close enough to walk home.  I called my mechanic and they came and towed it to their shop.  They determined the computer needed to be replaced and quoted me around $400 for a used computer, having Chevy re-program it and for towing.  I asked them how much a new computer would be and they said it was only $100 more, so I said to go with a new computer.  So the truck should be ready sometime next week!  Will have to take the bus to work as there is rain in the forecast for Mon and Tue!