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Garage Heating – 9/13/2011

Only had a couple of hours tonight to work on the garage.  Got a couple sheets of drywall cut and hung:

Tomorrow I will hang the remainder of the drywall on the back half of the garage before moving stuff from the front of the garage to the back so I can begin working on the front of the garage.

Garage Heating – Day 2

Borrowed a friend’s drywall-lift which is making the job so much easier!  Also used it to lift the heater up to the roof so we could mount it!  Also got some insulating done and plastic up to cover the insulation.  Have to move things from one spot to the next because I have so much in my garage!!!



Sunday – painting

This is the part I have that attaches to an engine hoist:

This is how I have it set up in my garage to paint:

After cleaning with a Wax & Tar remover, sanding, and re-cleaning…  today I put the first of two coats of primer.  Had an issue with my regulator and got a few runs that I now have to sand before adding the second coat of primer.  Those are broom handles they are standing on!


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