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4-25-2020 – Tenzo-R-Turismo

I discovered another Tenzo-R-Turismo steering wheel and bought it (on left).  I like it better than the first one I bought (on right).

Been busy swapping the mower deck back on the riding mower after taking the snow blower off.  Going to have a few weeks of furlough this year, so coming up with a to-do list for the Camaro to see what I can work on.  First will be some yard work around Memorial Day and then more time starting July for the Camaro.

4-16-2017 – Updates

Received a couple more items yesterday:

Thinking of having this nickle-plated:

NOS Quarter panel trim:

Woodgrain dash bezel – I had one already, but the cigarette lighter hole opening needed work.  This one has no issues.  I also received a wiper switch for the recessed wipers.

I also had to replace a water trap  in my air compressor air line that was leaking air – I plan on using the blast cabinet next weekend and needed to get that resolved ahead of time.

3-4-2017 – 1973 Camaro RS Braces

ok – so I already have a complete set of these braces, but the long fender bars are NOS.  I was able to obtain another set which all of the pieces are used OEM which is what I will mount on the car keeping my NOS bars.  This is the first set I have: http://dougbratton.info/blog/2015/12/1973-camaro-rs-braces/

Here is the new set I just obtained – they were required on the 1973 RS Camaro due to stronger government rules: