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5-8-2018 – Updates

Painted the inside of the front sub-frame using Eastwood Internal Coating – had to cover existing holes with tape:

After spraying the first coat, I realized the extension hose was curling up on itself too much – attempt #1 to straighten it out:Then I decided to use a metal clothes hangar which worked wonders! Used a lot less paint and was much more efficient! I ended up spraying 2 coats waiting 24 hours between coats: ALso re-sprayed the drivers inside trunk – much better! Used Clean over it – just had to touch-up a couple spots after scuffing and cleaning. Still need to do the other side.

May 24, 2014 Update – Subframe

Worked on the subframe today…
A full day and 4 wire wheels later a clean subframe…
Also cleaned with Eastwood Chassis Kleen – decided not to push it and begin priming today… Instead will spend more time tomorrow using some 80 grit on the angle grinder and hand cleaning the harder to reach parts… It is all about prep when painting!