Updates 11/19/2011

Completed the patching last weekend.  Needed to add a new strip under the garage door to help seal things.  I am waiting until Sunday to park the truck in the garage to let it dry completely.

Also brought my mini-fridge home from the office because I will use it in the garage more than at work.  The fridge fits nicely between the cabinets for my workbench!  Here is my new layout:

This weekend I should finish the unpacking\organizing and be able to get some REAL work done!

New Cabinet




Went to Salvation Army today and got a new cabinet (from Mayo – Very Solid!).  Also bought a parts organizer from Menards (above cabinet).  Now I need to figure out where to put it and get some muscle to help hang it!

Friday – Vetran’s Day

Need to patch the cement under the garage door to help seal it up for this winter.  Here are some before pictures:

Here is the first pass at building it up (still need to do more):

A couple of pictures of Java:

Need to Rake the lawn today and then get back to Patching the floor.  Next weekend brings a chance of snow showers!!