8/29/2015 Update


Received my Gallon of Picklex 20 and also picked up some wax & grease remover.  Between NASCAR and football, not much garage time this weekend.  Will be taking next Thu aft and Friday off to make for a long weekend in the garage.  Hope to get all of the little things done so it will be ready to prime.  Once the picklex is applied, not only will it remove any flash rust, but the car will be good for at least another year in case it doesn’t get primed before winter.  Will have more to report after the holiday weekend.IMG_1519

Prepping for priming

I have been using the 3M PPS because of its ability to paint in all directions (gun upside down), but had to order the larger cup size.  I ordered the largest kit to ensure I would have enough paint to spray the outside and inside of the shell at once.

I have also been researching about painting in my garage and found a few threads…  Venting Paint Fumes,  Compressor in same vicinity, and spraying epoxy in garage.  I have ordered a ventilator to blow the fumes out the window, and will open up the door to the upper storage level of the garage which should pull in enough air.

I think I am about ready to spray the primer within the next few weeks.  Hope to get some garage time in next weekend.

Picklex 20

I have been researching products to wipe on bare metal for rust and flash-rust protection.  Products like Evapo-Rust are cheaper, but I decided to go with a product called picklex.  It costs more, but is easier to use, and appears to be a better product.  I ordered a gallon of it and will use it before priming within the next few weeks.

Applying POR-15 to the drivers side toe-board area

A before shot of the pitted metal in the driver’s side toe area. I didn’t want to patch this, so I decided to use POR-15 on it. (Paint Over Rust – POR is a rock hard coating to prevent further rust.  I used POR-15 Silver along with some mesh from the kit for a small portion by the patched panel to help strengthen the area. Before:
First coat:
First coat dried:
Second coat 4-5 hours later:
Second Coat dried:
Third coat (within 24 hours):
IMG_1631I still need to scuff this once it is dried then prime over it.