8-25-2018 – Update

Labor Day is next weekend and the summer has flown by.  Between work, home priorities, etc… I did not get as far as I had hoped with the Camaro this summer.  I gave myself a deadline of Labor Day this year for the undercoating.  That will have to wait until next summer.  I will update more after Labor Day, but I was able to unhook the front of the Camaro from the rotisserie, Stripped the remaining parts of the firewall including where the rotisserie mounted to.  Cleaned the metal and applies some picklex to it and have masked it off.  This next week will be final preparations, then over Labor Day weekend, apply primer, seam seal, and paint the remaining bare spots of the firewall and brackets before winter.

There are a couple odds and ends I might be able to do over the winter, but nothing too big.  Next summer will be undercoating, block sanding and body work and a few odds and ends.  Then in 2020 start on the suspension if everything goes as planned.

Hopefully more pics and another update after Labor Day!