Memorial Day Weekend

We received 1.5 inches of rain within an hour this weekend.  Some came in the basement which I was able to wipe up.  This is the side of the house I need to build up to improve the drain flow:

I also had another limb fall off my tree.  I plan on having the tree cut down as it is right beside the garage.  This was on Saturday and I was able to cut it up and haul it to the recycling center for disposal before they closed for the holiday weekend:

Last but not least, I realized my regulator was bad on the air compressor, so I re-did it adding a shut-off valve, water trap, and a new regulator all from Lowes.  Checked it out to ensure it all works properly and am ready to go now!  That is why I had trouble with my tools is because the psi was wrong!

Next weekend will be working on the new deck and shed!

May 13th Update

Haven’t been out working on this as much as I would have liked.  After my dad’s visit, I was busy cleaning up and catching up.  Now I am getting ready for the first week in June which is when I build my front deck and build a shed to help organize everything.  I did get out in the garage this weekend, but was mostly organizing and cleaning!

While working on removing the passenger side Firewall Bracket, discovered some more rust near the toe board so I ordered some floor pans from Ground Up to use for patch pieces (I was a little disappointed with the pans not having more of a toe board – luckily I should be able to get by with what I have):

Pictures of the cancer:

Also purchased a new Chop Saw from Harbor Freight.  Also got some replacement metal blades and a roller.  Will need this when building my Jig around July:

Hope fully next weekend I can get the passenger side Firewall Bracket removed – there is not much left to do with it.