70 Camaro 12-bolt tear down

Started the dis-assembly of the 12-bolt for inspection.  First had to get the drum brakes off with a big hammer:


I had to get the drums off (will be replacing brakes with disc) so I can get the spindle out which is a part of the bolts that hold the wheel on.IMG_0948

Once the spindle is out, I think the 4 bolts (2 shown in red) will be all I need to remove to get the rest of the brakes off the axle.IMG_0949 IMG_0950

This is my setup for working on the read axle.  Got the cover off without breaking any bolts (sprayed with Kroil for a couple days prior).  I can still wheel it around the garage with this setup.  Will let it drain over night before doing much more.  I have a DVD to refer to for the rest of it.  I need to inspect the portion that holds the posi in place.  If they are in bad shape, I won’t be able to use the axle as they are matched to the rear axle.  So I will need to do some inspection before determining if I can use this and before ordering replacement parts.  I do know I will be changing the gearing to 3:73 gears.IMG_0951

Got to use my magnetic bowl – those are great for holding bolts and not losing them if you kick the dish!IMG_0952

Engine Dress-up

Polished-up the valve covers and put them on the engine along with the MSD distributor – still need to get a matching air cleaner to match the style of the valve covers.  Also have a new radiator and fan shroud to put on the engine stand:

IMG_0933 IMG_0934 IMG_0935IMG_0938 IMG_0936 IMG_0937