Firewall Brackets Apr 23, 2012

Just about have the passenger side firewall bracket removed.  Good thing I am replacing them because the bottom was pretty much rusted out!  Used the plasma cutter to cut most of it out.  Also used the seam busters to break the spot welds.  I tried drilling the spot welds out, but had difficulty locating them.  Need to order some floor pans to cut out the toe boards from.  Doubt I will get much done next weekend as I will have company this week!

Apr 15th Update

Not much progress made on the car this weekend – had to work on some other ToDo’s!  I did decide to build a shed in the backyard to provide me with more storage!  More to come on that later.

NOTE: Wednesday April 18th the site will be down for maintenance between 9:00PM-midnight Central time.

Seam Buster

Started working on removing the Firewall Brackets today.  Having difficulty locating the spot welds, so I ordered a new tool that should help.  Search for ‘Seam Buster’ and you will find the tool (pics below):

Should have this by next weekend and will see how well it works!

Body Jig

Decided to build my own body jig to keep the Camaro from twisting while I work on replacing the body parts.  Priced the 1/8″ 2×2’s on the internet for roughly $600 and $100 shipping for 11 12′ sections.  Drove down to Mcneilus steel in Dodge Center and got the same thing for about $350 (note: you can buy one on the Internet for roughly $850-$975 plus $350 shipping):

I will start on the body jig AFTER I replace the firewall brackets so I have a good mounting point.