On to the wheel wells

Finished the major cleaning on the floor this weekend and started to look at what needs to be done on the wheel wells.  I spent some time on the lower inside quarter panel only to determine it was mostly undercoating which I will tackle this week.


Decided to begin with the Dremel Multi-Max.  I switched from the rigid to flexible scrapers – starting with the flexible and moving to the rigid where needed.IMG_1982

A before shot of a section of the drivers side wheel well:IMG_1983

After experimenting with the Dremel:


After shot of the other side:IMG_1985

This next weeks focus will be the wheel wells and inside lower quarters.  Then on to the wax and grease remover before finally stripping.

More Cleaning Floor

Did some more cleaning of the drivers side floor and other side of the transmission tunnel after rotating the rotisserie to the opposite side.  Drivers rear seat before:


Other side of the transmission tunnel:IMG_1975 IMG_1976

Looking towards back of car:IMG_1977

Looking towards front:IMG_1978

Tomorrow will be cleaning the remaining trunk area.

Cleaning misc floor and trunk

Made some progress.  The passenger side is almost complete.  Working on the trunk area then the wheel well which has undercoating on it.  Then on to the other side.

Had a few pieces to remove that were getting in the way:


Braces – before:IMG_1944




Needed to go back over the firewall bracket and rocker edges:IMG_1948 IMG_1949


Rear frame rail and trunk:IMG_1951 IMG_1952

Will go over the trunk area one more time, then focus on the other side.  Then will go over one more time with some wax & grease remover on paper towels before stripping it down to bare metal.

73 Seat Belts

Purchased a set of one year only 73 seat belts:


Also located someone that repairs the female ends to make them stronger as they have been known to crack and break – the 4 female ends will be replaced with parts like what is shown below:

pix1 162

The plastic piece shown above is known to break under the constant pressure of the spring used for the button.