Oct 28, 2012 Garage Update

Found a photo of my ’78 Camaro which I no longer have:

Now that the jig is complete and since I won’t be ready to use it until after I replace the floor pan, I decided to re-org my 2nd level of the garage and store it there along with some of the left over metal:

Here is the 2nd level after removing a bunch of lumber I had in it:

The next step was to add some shelving and fix some of the work benches:

Then re-org what I am keeping up there and move some stuff from the work area below up to the 2nd floor (AFTER):

and there is still plenty of room to store more up there!  It will be at least a couple of weeks before I will be able to dedicate a weekend to the Camaro again…

Oct 23, 2012 Jig Update

My shipment of 6 more cans of Zero-Rust arrived yesterday and since the weather is supposed to get cold in a couple of days, I got some more painting done.  Just have five more pieces to do tomorrow!

10 cross pieces 6″ 2.5″x2.5″

For the casters: 6″ 2×2 and 2 6″ 2.5×2.5

For attaching the car to the jig (various lengths):

2 @ 27″, 2 @ 23″, 2 @ 19″, 2 @ 16″, and 2 @ 13″

These are all that remain to be painted for the Jig:

Oct 18, 2012 Update

Went out and bought a plum bob and crayons from Harbor Freight.  I wanted to get a sample measurement of a couple of key mounting points referenced in my manual.  I was 7/8″ off and believe it is because my body is not yet completely level.  Before starting on the floor pan this winter, I need to level the body as much as possible and record as many key measurements as possible for reference when re-assembly.

Oct 17, 2012 Jig Update

Been busy prepping and painting the body jig.  First, I sanded off the weld-thru primer that was left over, then cleaned the metal with Eastwood Metal Wash, then used Prep Step and finally painted with 2 coats of Zero-Rust.

Here are the two 11′ pieces of 2×2:

Here are the T pieces of 18″ 2×2 welded to 6″ 2.5×2.5 pieces:

Here are the 2 6′ pieces of 2×2

I still have more pieces to clean and prep for painting, but needed to order more Zero-Rust and will need to wait for that to arrive to finish painting the parts of the Jig.