02-16-2019 – Another Diecast

Another diecast Camaro arrived:

Just ordered another one today. Will post another pic when it arrives. My display case is filling up with diecast Camaros! After the Daytona race tomorrow and my dog gets his stitches out on Tuesday, I should be able to get some more garage time in. Making a list of supplies for the warmer weather. More to come.

02-10-2019 – More Toys

More diecast cars arrived.  At least one more on the way.  One of them (and the one still waiting on) are unopened boxes and I am debating on opening them up or displaying ‘as-is’.  Been targeting already opened ones as they are cheaper and I wanted to display them, but the price was right on the other unopened ones I bought.  The black one is the unopened one.  Not much garage time as bust with other things the month of Feb…

02-03-2019 – New Toy

Been buying several Camaro diecast toys.  Will post as they arrive…  Trying to find used ones rather than un-opened boxes as I want to actually display them.  Here is one that came the other day and is in my display cabinet – hood and doors both open:

Busy this month with the Lions youth Ice Fishing and helping friend get ready for the annual Daytona party. Not much garage time – pretty much waiting for spring to arrive and get past a couple of other things between now and then.