Firewall – 12/27/2015

I’m only able to get out to work on the car a few hours per day.  Sunday, I started to make the first pass of removing the sealant from the A/C box using a scraper & heat gun.



After heat gun – initial pass:IMG_1778

I did make some progress:IMG_1779

Ordered a larger screw driver for the hood bolts on the cowl area.  They are about 3/4″ and this screw driver’s tip is 1/2″ – so I am hoping to make a dent in that Wednesday and see how it works!IMG_1781

Doubt I will get out to work on the car tomorrow as I will need to roof rake and shovel the snow from today’s storm…  Hopefully I can get out there on Wednesday!

Firewall – 12/26/2015

Started cleaning and wiping down the firewall – Recall that the car was from Arizona – there was a lot of sand to remove.





Need to take the heat gun and turpentine to remove the gunk from the other side where the A/C box was and still more wiping down to do before removing the paint.

73 Camaro Rear Defogger Switch

I replaced the rear defogger switch with a nos one I bought.  I had to figure out how to remove it from the housing.

Notice the holes.  Need to get a pick or small screwdriver and press near the top of the hole.  There is a clip that is holding it in and you need to compress the clip to remove.  On a 73 Camaro, there are 3 clips to do this on.  When it comes time to install, simply press the clip back in until it catches.  Also notice the prong with the silver ring – it shows you how to orient things when putting back in.

IMG_1751 IMG_1752 IMG_1753 IMG_1754

Firewall – 12/22/1015

Got a little work done on the firewall the other day.  There was still a little stripping down of parts to do on it.  The hood adjustment bolts were stuck, so I started spraying them to help loosen them up.  Also ordered a new wide tip screw driver to use on these.  Hope to get some more garage time in this weekend!

IMG_1767 IMG_1768

Firewall – 12/21/2015

Got out to the garage tonight.  Took the car off of the Rotisserie and moved it to give me access to the firewall so I can begin cleaning and stripping the dash/cowl/firewall area:


Made some room to move around:IMG_1762

Will re-mount the rotisserie to the bumper mounts when I start on the street side of the floor:IMG_1763

For now, plenty of room to move around – can’t get much lower with the rotisserie.  I am looking at a new lift though.IMG_1764 IMG_1765

Now to remove any remaining items, clean and strip.

12-bolt Sand Blasted & Primed

The 12-bolt has been sand blasted & has been Epoxy primered… This was done by someone else (the friend I bought the engine from knows someone who did this for me) – I will paint this Spring once it is warm enough. Tried to find a before picture:
and after – it looks even better in person!
I will need to clean the inside again before rebuilding it.