Rear End Removal Dec 26, 2011

Completed removing the rear end today:

Need to get an extra set of hands to help me load it in the pickup for disposal.  Then I can start on the sub-frame.  Might put my tire skates under the Camaro to move it over more and back the S10 in.  Then I can place the rear end on wheels to move it to load in the S10.  Need to carry it down this narrow path:

Referenced the following information for removing the rear end:

Rear End Removal Dec 11, 2011



Finally got the upper nut cut off.  I started from under the car and then went in through the top of the trunk.  Took a lot of prying to get this far – can’t figure out why the bottom bracket stayed on the bolt!

Finally got it removed from the rear frame rail:

Created a small mess that needs to be cleaned up!  Now you can see part of the reason I went in through the top:

Here is the view from the top of the trunk:

Used the Plasma cutter to prep the driver’s side for cutting (luckily the trunk will be removed for new metal later so I can remove what was in the way!) – before and after: