1-28-2017 – 4-speed shifter hump

Made a little more progress on Saturday.  I got the 4-speed hump portion of the patch mocked-up in place.  Things are temporarily riveted until I used the 3M metal bonding along with the rivets to fasten in place.

Determined I was fairly happy with the measurements using a spare console as a reference:

For the measurements, there are several areas in the rear seat one might use.  The middle one holds the tape measure the best, but it is actually the closest ripple to the front that needs to be used.

Marking where to drill the holes (on this side, they are in-between the patch panel rivets since there is a little overlap:

Holes drilled:

I used some slightly longer rivets since there were some spots where I was going through 3 layers of sheet metal:

A couple of rivets in place and I realized I needed to do some hammer\dolly work.

Riveted in place.

Next steps are to review the measurements one more time.  Rivets can be drilled out and holes welded closed if need be.  Then cut out the inside hole where the shifter goes through.  I won’t be using the 3M metal bonding until the weather is warmer and my heater wont ignite the fumes.

1-23-2017 – 4-speed shifter hump

Spent a little time in the garage while preparing for the snow tomorrow…  I am trying to cross-reference my measurements.  I wanted a good way to move the patch panel around while adjusting things so  I put 2 large magnets on the bottom of the patch I just mocked-up:

Then added a couple on top that wouldn’t get in the way of the console:

Re-mounted the dash support frame that I had to remove when working on the prior patch section for drilling the rivets:

loosely mounted a junk console:

Looks pretty good so far:

Next step is to tighten everything up as things are finger tight and shifts a little.  Then re-check things again.  At least I am comfortable with the process now that when I settle on the placement, I can get it in the spot I want without it shifting.

1-21-2017 – 4-speed shifter hump

Made a little progress on the trans hump patch…  First task was to find a rivet with an appropriate diameter – using this website as a reference.  I ended up going with a 1/8″ x 1/4″ rivet.

Using a 1/8″ drill bit, tested things on the old shifter hump:

Drilled rivets out:

Now to dive into things realizing I can drill the rivets out and weld-close the hole if I messed things up…  Re-studying the placement and starting with the area with the smallest space:

Getting a measurement (less than 1″).

Reference mark:

Getting an idea of where the shifter hump will go:

The dot marks the spot:

Drilled hole:

marked the hole:

Worse of the holes drilled and marked:

About as much fun as drilling out spot welds!

So after drilling all of the holes on the patch first, I started drilling and riveting the patch in.  Using a rivet as each hole was drilled:

Worse section done:

Of course, all of these rivets will have to be drilled out when I use the 3M bonding as a final step.

Getting an idea of placement.  The patch will have to be massaged into place – currently not a tight fit.  I have posted the link before, but this is the link I am using for the stock measurements: http://nastyz28.com/forum/threads/4-speed-hump-measurements-from-a-72.234718/

Next step will be to confirm the measurements and massage the shifter hump patch in place and also rivet in.  I will also be using the center console as a reference before riveting in,  Hopefully next weekend I will get that done.  The marks below show roughly when it will go:

Console Mounting Bracket Reference Measurements

I had a request for the console mounting bracket measurements.  Here are some pictures of the stock locations for reference (these were taken from the passenger side) – these have a reference view and a close-up of the measurement (2 pics each):

Rear bracket to passenger sill (expanded and close-up):

Front bracket to sill:

Where the front floor pan meets the firewall gap to the front bracket:

Rear floor seam to rear bracket:

I realize didn’t  get the space between the 2 brackets, but that can be calculated based on these references.

As you will see from the pics, I have not yet gone much further on the trans shift hump work, but hope to make some more progress on that next weekend.