Sep 19, 2012 Jig Update

Got some time during the week to just about finish up the Jig (the paint (POR-15) will come later)

I have to re-do one piece where the nut broke off.  I will finish sometime next week.

I have gone through one spool of wire so far working on this!

Just have a few hours worth of work left on this, then it will be ready to assemble which will be after I complete the replacement of the full floor pan!

Sep 16, 2012 Jig Update

Got some garage time in between other projects this weekend…  Started out welding the angle brackets (there is a square top plate with a hole drilled in it):

Then welded the angle brackets to some 2×2 square tubing.  Notice each piece can be attached to the car in three different spots.  These are what will attach to the car:

Then I took the nuts and threaded them on the bolts and placed them in the holes to tack the nuts in to place removing the bolts afterwards:

One side is done for this batch:

2nd side is done for this batch:

Next I need to weld some 2×2 tubing to the 2.5×2.5 tube that I prepped below:

Sept 5, 2012 Update

Had a thunderstorm last night take down a few limbs.  One landed on the fence, so I took the morning off to clean up the limbs and got some Garage time in to finish cleaning and painting the remaining metal for the Jig.  Next step is welding, but most likely not this weekend as this weekend is a car show my Lions club is hosting with Advance Auto Parts.

Here is the limb that fell on the fence:

Sep 4, 2012 Jig Update

Been busy cleaning the square tubing with Eastwood Metal Wash and using some weld-thru paint on the areas where I am going to weld.  I want to re-use the jig, so am taking some extra steps to both protect it and practice these things for when I work on the car!

I will provide the measurements of the various pieces later:

Setup for cleaning some of the tubing:

Cleaned and ready to weld:

I need to drill mounting holes and prime these plates: