11-05-2016 – 4-speed shifter hump…

I am about a week overdue with this post, but here is the latest on the progress of re-doing the 4-speed shifter hump.

Started by using magnets to hold it in place while I traced the opening on the bottom of the patch:

img_2289 img_2290

Compared it to one of the original pieces I kept when cutting it the first time:img_2291

There is a lip that sticks out on the drivers side I needed to deal with.  So the fun begins with measuring, marking, and trimming:img_2292

These metal marking pens are great!:img_2293 img_2294

Then spent a lot of time measuring, marking, and trimming little-by-little:img_2295 img_2296 img_2297

I was also marking on the shell the placement of the patch for a reference:img_2298 img_2299

Then I was worried that I might have cut too much for the hump to rest on, so a quick trial fit:img_2300

Then I had to bend and hammer the patch and floor so it was snug:img_2301

I determined that the magnets wouldn’t do the job, so the plan is to rivet it in place, then patch in the shifter hump – riveting that in then using body adhesive next Spring with the rivets to complete the job.

Now it is on to some pre-winter non-car projects, so the car work is on hold.  There won’t be a lot to do over the winter, but a little here-and-there.