Labor Day 2019 Update

Broke down the rotisserie and set up the sub-frame over the last week or so.  Next steps will be to rebuild the 12-bolt and work on the suspension:

Unhooked from shell – shell on jack stands: Tight fit in rear: Most of rotisserie removed without knocking the shell off of the jack stands – just need to break down the portion in back: Success!: Now to work on either storing it or deciding to sell it:Much more room without the rotisserie! 4 new jack stands for the subframe: Rotisserie? What rotisserie? Small pile of junk to throw out:I can still use the ladder to access the 2nd floor where parts are stored: Garage is now ready to dive into suspension (it is better organized now than what is in final pic)… I can get the S10 back in the garage now and just have some dusting and vacuuming to do before winter hits!