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12-bolt update

Ordered the last of the parts I need for the rebuild of the 12-bolt. Just need a couple of tools for the job. Debating on renting them vs buying them. Verified the parts I ordered match what I thought I needed comparing them to the original parts. Maybe start next weekend? I really need to get more garage time in, but work and other priorities have conflicted. Dusting off and revising my to-do list out there.

Rear Brakes

Received my rear brake’s for the 12-bolt rebuild. These are complete with the parking brake cable.  I was going to go the disc brake route, but decided against it after researching posts on the topic.  These should do just fine.  The goal for this weekend is to inspect the rest of the parts and order what remains before re-assembling. I spent time watching the rebuild video start-to-finish and have already added to my shopping list. The 12-bolt gasket and bolts should be here next weekend.

8-14-2020 Update

Have not posted much related to the Camaro lately.  2021 is dedicated to the suspension (including 12-bolt).  The supplies are starting to trickle in:

engine mounts and misc screws for the misc parts in pic #2 New cross shaft for the 12-bolt rebuild – American Express had a deal with Summit Racing where if you spend $50 you get $10 back.  I couldn’t pass up:

4-25-2020 – Tenzo-R-Turismo

I discovered another Tenzo-R-Turismo steering wheel and bought it (on left).  I like it better than the first one I bought (on right).

Been busy swapping the mower deck back on the riding mower after taking the snow blower off.  Going to have a few weeks of furlough this year, so coming up with a to-do list for the Camaro to see what I can work on.  First will be some yard work around Memorial Day and then more time starting July for the Camaro.

01-01-2020 – AC and Heater Box

So I came across a reconditioned AC and Heater box from The Part Guy: and got a good deal.  I have enough parts, but they would have to be mailed off and then reconditioned, so I ended up getting the pair since they were available and ready to go – along with a deal for buying both at the same time!

The problem is – I don’t know where I have room to store these until I mount them…  But since the firewall is painted, there is no reason why I can’t go ahead and mount them!  I need to order the proper screws\bolts and the sealant used for these and then get them mounted to the firewall!  Give me a few weeks and I should be able to post an update and pics!

Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 46-in – 3-Stage MTD Snow Thrower install

After the snow storms last year, I decided to buy a 3-stage snow thrower.  Then I decided to buy a riding mower and attachment, so this last summer, went to Home Depot and bought a Troy-Bilt Super Bronco 46″ and a 3-stage MTD snow thrower.  Some resources said it would work with the Super Bronco XP, so I was a little worried, but can tell you it does in fact work with the newer Super Bronco 46″.

So I finally decided it was time to mount it and here are the details and tips (note, I assembled the 3-stage unit earlier – this just covers mounting it):

If you have 2 guys and the right tools, can be done in a day or two.  I did it over a couple of weekends – next year will be faster since many of the brackets can stay on:

First, you will need to remove the handles. Then you will be able to mount the bumper: If you haven’t done so already, remove the belt-guide and keep the screw handy noting the holes it came out of (both sides): These braces are a BEAR to install. For the next step, you may want to remove (temporarily) the black bar with the clip in the pic.  I used an open-end wrench on the opposite side and it fit within the frame.  The good news is once these are on, they can stay: When it comes to mounting this, it does not just slip on. NOTE: I ended up blocking this in place and got a second pair of hands with good pry-bars to help me. Having a second pair of hands and good pry bars, it went on without too much difficulty. Blocking it also helped to get it in place.  Removing the bars with the clip is a BIG help as well – remember how it goes back on though! The supplied guide bar and belt installed: Get the belt, spring, and cable installed. It is a tight fit and next year, I may try installing the spring and cable before attaching the unit in place: Roll the mower over the frame – I suggest blocking the frame to make it a little easier once it is under the mower (note: double-check the belt and belt-guide path): The back end goes first – I did this by myself with a bar under it to leverage it in place (note: the clips were on the frame and not the belt unit per referenced in the documentation. The front end mounts here – I was able to pick up both ends and get them in place by myself: Note: Gas cap is still accessible. Also when lifting the hood, have the snow thrower in lowest position – can still access the oil dipstick: Next I installed the weights (easy): and snow chains: Note: Steering is harder with this added weight and turning radius in much more difficult to turn around. There will be a learning curve and will try to get some videos this winter! Hopefully this will help someone as there wasn’t much I was able to find on my own.