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3/11/2024 – subframe progress

Took another look at how close things are and decided no more blocking was needed.

I used some bolts and these to help guide things and try to keep things lined up using the alignment holes.  I have the actual tool to use once I get closer.

Got both back sides started. Just needed to jack up one side and with the rest of it blocked, I could wiggle it in place and then did the same on the opposite side. Might be able to get out to the garage later this week or weekend to get the front bolted up. Once I have all four ends bolted, I will tighten things up a little better.

3/2/2024 – subframe progress

Had to use the smaller scissor jack to fit where I needed it to go. Also had to put a couple blocks under it to get to the right height. I was able to jack her up and block it one more time by myself with no issues.

Then I added a block to both sides in the back.  Again, needed the scissor jack to get it where I needed it to go.  I ended up getting a second scissor jack, thinking I might need one on the front and one on the back when I finally bolt it to the body.

I am within a few inches of where I need to be to mount it. Not sure if I will block it one more time or just jack her up the rest of the way. I may do some measuring of the bolts to see how much wiggle room I have.  I will double-check with a rod if I am still lined up to where I need to mount it to.

2/24/2024 – subframe install

Placed the subframe on my rollers and rolled the subframe back under the shell:

Then raised the jack stands and placed it back on the jack stands:Dug out my 2 floor jacks to lift it up and increase the jack stand height as I go:
I may get a second set of hands to help me adjust the subframe to the mounting holes. Going to give it some thought on the best way to wiggle it in place once it is higher up close to the mounting holes.  I may place a 2×4 across each jack stand so the subframe can slide as I adjust things.  One on the front and one on the back.  Might be tomorrow’s task if I can get a second pair of hands to assist.