Oct 20, 2013 Update – Patch Panel

Got some more body work done:

Patch panel ready for some primer to hold it over until Spring:


Fabricated a piece to hold a plug I patched:IMG_0423

Clamped it to the firewall bracket:IMG_0424

View from inside ready for patch piece:IMG_0425

Fabricated plug:IMG_0426

Clean the metal for welding:IMG_0427

Place the fabricated plug in to but-weld:IMG_0428

Fabricate another piece for a lap weld:IMG_0430

First pass at welding:IMG_0431

A little grinding:IMG_0432

Lap weld other piece in:IMG_0433

Grind the welds down:IMG_0434

The piece is not flush with the car, so I decided to fill it in with more welds:IMG_0435 IMG_0436

More grinding shows some more welding was required:IMG_0437 IMG_0438 IMG_0439

View from other side:IMG_0440Treated the metal with Eastwood Metal Prep – will shoot some primer this next week.  Bought a dehumidifier for the garage which should help.


Oct 9, 2013 Update

Did a little in the garage tonight.  Decided to go with a lap weld for the drivers side hole.  The firewall bracket is on the opposite side, so I can’t get a copper backing behind it to help with welding it.  So today, I sanded it down and sprayed some weld-thru primer on it (after cleaning the metal).  Still need to cut and form the piece to cover it and weld it in.

Had to sand part of it with sandpaper manually as the disc couldn’t access some of the curves easily:


Weld-thru primer:IMG_0422