7/22/2011 – Flood #2

Here is the first attempt at grading the new dirt after the excavation of the sewer:


Here are the results after a heavy downpour – The rain can’t drain with the existing steps and sidewalk, so it ends up in the basement seeping in through the walls:

7/15/2011 – Basement Flood

At least this time it was not from a sewer backup!  We received a lot of rain in a short amount of time.  Driving home from work after dropping a co-worker off, the streets were flooding and driving was a challenge.  Combine that with my drain spouts that need replaced and the front lawn not being finished, this is what it looked like:

Front yard:



At least all of the water was able to drain.  In the morning from 3:00am-6:30am I was mopping up the floor.  Just about back to normal now!

2011 Projects – Sewer Line

After having the yard dug up last winter to repair a collapsed line and knowing because it was orange-berg pipe I wanted to replace the entire line to the main sewer, this is how my front yard looked after the winter work and before they dug it up again:

This is how my front yard currently looks after they have replaced the remainder of the line.  Now I can rest assured my line will be of a better quality:

The plan is to re-shingle the garage and house roofs and then fill in the front yard with new top soil.  They are thinking of starting on the garage tomorrow if it looks like the rain will hold off.  They still need to replace the cement and re-sod the boulevard grass by the street.  Will post more once some more work has been done.