4-29-2017 – Rims

Not much to report this weekend, it is too cold to do what I want to the car so I took my spare wheels in to have the tires removed to free up some space.  Two of them I got rid of all-together, kept my 14×7 Cragers – doubt I will use those, but still wanted to hand on to them.  Then removed the tires from the 14×7 American Racing rims and also had a bent 14×7 Rally rim repaired.  Now that it has been repaired, I am thinking I will have the 14×7 Rally rims on the back and 14×6 Rally rims on the front which means I will need to find 2 14×7 trim rings, otherwise I am good to go.  I think I will also keep my 14×7 American Racing rims and alternate between the 2 sets depending on what I am doing.  It freed up a LOT of space in my shed!  I prefer the old-school wheel wheels rather than the big rim, skinny tire look that a lot of cars have now.

4-26-2017 – 4 speed shifter hump

I added a dust reclaimer unit to my blast cabinet so I could strip some of the smaller parts such as the shifter hump patches – the unit was larger than I had imagined:

a before shot:

It worked fairly well, but did have some issues with the gun in the blast cabinet, so ended up manually sanding some of the remaining pieces – ready for primer:

Both patches primed:

I hope to get them bonded in place this weekend!

4-16-2017 – Updates

Received a couple more items yesterday:

Thinking of having this nickle-plated:

NOS Quarter panel trim:

Woodgrain dash bezel – I had one already, but the cigarette lighter hole opening needed work.  This one has no issues.  I also received a wiper switch for the recessed wipers.

I also had to replace a water trap  in my air compressor air line that was leaking air – I plan on using the blast cabinet next weekend and needed to get that resolved ahead of time.