9-9-2018 – Rest of firewall painted

So perfect weather with highs in the low 70’s.  I took Friday off and wrapped up the painting of the firewall.  There is no more bare metal on the shell now!  I did make one mistake though.  I used the Satin Black finish which was different from the earlier paint!  I think it will be ok if I scuff a little and re-apply it, but most of what I painted really isn’t visible, so I am not too worried about it yet.  I can think about it over the winter and fix it next year.

So I had to un-mount the rotisserie to paint where it was mounted to.  Then strip away the old paint:

A little bit of masking (including the bottom of the floor:

Then a coat of gray primer, then black, then a 3rd of gray primer (all Epoxy) and finally seam sealed:

Then 2 coats of Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black (Satin):

Now you can see the mis-match (uh-oh!) – easy enough to touch-up and fix:

Next weekend I will re-attach the rotisserie so I can move it around over the winter. There may be a few smaller projects I tackle over the winter, but nothing too much until next summer when I finish the undercoating.  We will see what time permits and what I can fit in between now and next summer.