Mar 31, 2014 Update

Receive my transmission tunnel patch to use as a template for where to place the patch… I lined up the body lines in the floor…

Had to remove the brace…


Placed it to line up where it needed to go.image

Made some reference lines and took some key measurements…  Ignoring the outside black line…
image image


Need to clean the edges and put some weld-through primer on then decide on welding or using some body adhesive…

Mar 22, 2014 Update

While waiting for the dash brace to arrive on Monday, did a little shopping and found these paint pour spouts on clearance at Lowes for $0.10 each – so I bought them out and got 40 of them!  These keep the paint can clean and re-usable…


Mar 20, 2014 Update



Washed, waxed, and used some TurtleWax Chrome restoring polish on the bumpers…  Not real pleased, but got familiar with all the nicks & dings…  I am thinking I will re-chrome the rear & fangs from front while replacing the front bumper with a repro.

Mar 19, 2014 Update

Exchanged my 2 year old Spot Welder for a new one at Harbor Freight… Had to re-wire the plug on the new one:
image image image image

Also decided to begin cleaning up the bumpers to see if I can use them or need to buy new ones.  First task was to remove the bumper sticker…image

Used a heat gun and plastic razor blade…image

After the heat gun…image

Then used Goo Gone to clean up the rest…image

Cleaned up fairly good…  Next to wash & wax & chrome polish – tomorrow?image