Nov 5, 2014 Update – 70 SS RS parts car

Time for a long overdue update on the project.  I made a deal on a 1970 Camaro SS RS.  I really didn’t want another complete car in the garage for the winter, so to make a long story short, I am able to take all the parts I want off it and leave the main body which is no good behind.  I am almost done with taking the parts off of.  What I don’t use, I can sell.  Refer to this page for details on SS and Rally Sport (RS) options as this has both.

The main two things I wanted from this car was the 12-bolt rear end (only available in 1970) and the RS options and a few other hard-to-find items.  I need to take one more trip and will take more pictures.  But here are a few photos of the car\parts:

The first thing to notice here is the split bumper and round turn signals.  A closer look shows the roof to be bowed – Would have needed a new roof which I didn’t want to do.



Note the interior is all there – The bucket seats and the seat tracks can be sold.  The center console can also be sold along with the dash.




I took the chrome window trim off of the front & rear windows along with the trunk lid and spoiler – all that can be sold.



Close-ups of the RS front-end.  The Urethane nose and bottom valance will need replaced, but the rest of the parts are in good shape:



The tags on the plate were from 1985:




12-bolt Rear-end was only used in 1970 for the second gen Camaros – I will rebuild and use this in my car:




The RS tail lights are in great shape






Complete engine & trans – I kept the hood hinges – The hood wasn’t worth keeping.




Special wood grain dash and 150 mph speed odometer I will use.  I also got the steering column & wheel, and the rest of the dash.



Note the rims – two collectible rims and another one in the trunk along with the original jack – I will sell those.






Also got the ratchet shifter:

I also got the hidden windshield wipers, gas tank, some misc interior parts, and a few other odds and ends.  Plan on going back to get the seats, more interior parts, fenders and remaining front-end pieces.

Will post more pics after I go back.