Scuffing Inside Shell – 3/8/2015

It was warm enough to take the rear end outside to clean this weekend:


After cleaning, I inspected the rear-end and found a couple potential problem areas.  I asked about them in this thread on and it shouldn’t be a show stopper, so I can continue with the rear-end rebuild.IMG_1048 IMG_1049

I also played around with getting TV streamed to my iPad in the garage while I worked this weekend.IMG_1045

Before Scuffing:IMG_1046

After removing the seam sealer:IMG_1047

After scuffing:IMG_1051

After scuffing:IMG_1052


Main goal is to get the shell primed and bottom floor & firewall painted before it gets too cold again.  Then work on the suspension.

Scuffing Roof

Continued working on the inside of the shell. Today was scuffing the inside roof to get it ready for priming this Spring as soon as it is warm enough. Used these pads and something called scuff-it.

Before scuffing:IMG_1030

After scuffing:IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040Arms are sore today – going to watch some NASCAR!