5-28-2017 – 12-bolt

Not too much to report.  Did some cleaning and scuffing inside the shell and around the patching I did yesterday for the 4-speed trans hump.  There were a couple of spots inside the shell I want to go over again with some more epoxy.

I also pulled out the 12-bolt to clean it for the first time since having it blasted and epoxied.  Glad I did because I discovered a couple of spots I want to re-do in epoxy before paining it:

Sprayed the inside with brake cleaner

There is also another spot like this on the other side.

5-27-2017 – 4-speed shifter hump

Spent some time in the garage today.  Bonding the patch and 4-speed shifter hump.

I spent as much time preparing as I did working on these.  The patch took about an hour and the shifter hump about 30 minutes.  Some of the rivet holes needed a drill touch-up to widen,  Hopefully back at it tomorrow!  The 3M bonding says you have a 90-120 minute window to work with it and about a 24 hour cure time.  I will still go over it with some seam sealer on both sides although it says you don’t need to – better safe than sorry!

5-14-2017 – 4 speed shifter hump

So this past week I was at a conference in Orlando, FL.  I did spend a little time in the garage yesterday with the nice weather and was hoping to get to bonding it today, but other things came up and now I hope to get to it next week.  So all I got done, was stripping the areas where I will be using the 3M bonding adhesive down to bare metal and cleaning with wax & grease remover.  I used a marker as a guide for where to strip to:

Hopefully this next week I can get the pieces bonded together.