Sub Frame Removal March 25, 2012

Spent a half day Sat and most of the day Sun removing the 2nd subframe bolt.  Now both back bolts under the seats are removed:

Then I started on the firewall brackets.  Used the Plasma cutter to enlarge the holes and worked on removing the cage that holds the nut.  I didn’t get the cage removed, but think I have it out of my way for now:

Passenger side:

Drivers Side:

The plan for next weekend is to use the grinder to grind down the nut enough so I can remove it.  My cut-off tool is to big to fit, but I think I can get the grinder in.  Should take about a day per side to remove each nut.

New Spot Welder!

Harbor Freight had a sale.  $40 off of their spot welder.  With the money I saved, I went ahead and purchased the 2-year replacement plan.  Need to get a receptacle to fit into my 220 outlet I use for my welder!

S10 Broke Down!

My S10 pickup has been having an issue where the brake light and ABS light would come on.  Also the engine light would sometimes come on.  Had it checked out at Midas.  Midas couldn’t get a reading and told me to stop by the next time it came on.  Well… yesterday I ran out for lunch and the lights came on.  I took it to Midas and they got a reading, but couldn’t figure out the problem and recommended a place to take it to.  Driving back home, it quit on me several times until I was close enough to walk home.  I called my mechanic and they came and towed it to their shop.  They determined the computer needed to be replaced and quoted me around $400 for a used computer, having Chevy re-program it and for towing.  I asked them how much a new computer would be and they said it was only $100 more, so I said to go with a new computer.  So the truck should be ready sometime next week!  Will have to take the bus to work as there is rain in the forecast for Mon and Tue!

Sub Frame Removal March 4, 2012

Determined that I have to grind the nuts off of the bolts.  Ordered new firewall brackets from Classic Industries which should arrive tomorrow.

Driver’s Side with cage removed ready for grinding:

Passenger’s Side after two hours of grinding:

Brackets which I will be replacing.  New ones should arrive tomorrow: