Drivers Wheel Well – 2

Got the driver’s side wheel well cleaned today – also got the drivers side tail panel \ quarter panel corner.






Next will be wiping everything down with a wax and grease remover prior to sanding everything down, so there won’t be much to report for a little while.

Cleaning Drivers Rear Lower Inner Qtr Panel

Focused on cleaning the drivers side rear lower inner quarter panel today.

Before (started cleaning a while back):


After scrubbing with PurplePower and hot water:IMG_2021

Finally ended up using lacquer thinner which really did the trick!:IMG_2022

Still have a little more to do in the back corner where the quarter panel meets the tail panel:IMG_2023

Tomorrow will be the other side!

Found a 73 RS Nose

So I located a 73 RS nose 1.5 hours away in St. Paul.  I picked it up yesterday morning.  Fairly nice condition with the exception of a little warping.  It has been stored in a cool environment for the last 20 years.  No cracks in the urethane, mounting brackets had light rust and pitting – which were blasted and painted – VERY pleased with this find!:

s-l1600 s-l1600 (1) s-l1600 (2) s-l1600 (3) s-l1600 (4) s-l1600 (5) s-l1600 (6) s-l1600 (7) s-l1600 (8)

73 RS Nose vs 70-72 RS Nose

So I found out there is a difference between a 73 RS nose vs a 70-72 RS nose.  The 73 RS nose has extra mounting points for the extra bracing mandated in 1973.

Here are pics of a 70-72:

s-l1600 s-l1600 (2)

and here are pics of a 73 RS nose with the extra mounting points:

s-l1600 (1) s-l1600 (3) s-l1600 (4) s-l1600 (6)

and here is a diagram of the bracing and how it mounts to the nose:

Picture1 - Copy