Floor – Primed

A little behind on updating.  The Labor Day progress wasn’t as good as expected between other life commitments and the weather.  I did get the floor primed, but not undercoated.  The project will most likely sit over the winter.  Next summer will have to be the undercoat and working on the suspension 2018-2019.  I have a large tree to take down and have a Cataract dealt with.

The rotisserie mounts will be painted after I take it off the rotisserie next summer:

Masking off:

Gray Epoxy:

Then some black Epoxy:

After 3 coats of Epoxy, some seam sealer:

There are a couple of spots I want to touch-up before applying the undercoat.  Going to have to scuff the epoxy before applying the Raptor bedliner for the undercoat.  Might not be much more to report until Spring arrives!