Toe Boards Jan 20,2013

Got some work done on the passenger toe board today.  Decided to go another route and patch the rough area rather than trying to fill-in the holes.  Used the extra pieces of the half floor pan from what I cut out the toe board patch.  It is the same gauge metal.

First – rough cut the opening:


Next, place the cut out piece on the patch panel to be cut out for reference:


Cut around the outside of the tape – I want the patch panel to be larger than the rough cut area:


Mark what needs to be cut out on the toe board:


Cut inside the marks to give some wiggle room:


Double-check the patch panel covers the cut out hole:



All that remains now is to grind down the opening to fit the patch panel and then clamp and weld.  I need to order the proper grinding discs – hope to have by next weekend so I can finish it off then!

Jan 6, 2013 Update

This weekend I ground down some previous welds and cleaned the engine side of the firewall where I am welding.  I worked on my technique for filling in the pinholes and gaps from where I removed the firewall brackets.  Finally got it down, but there is much more welding and grinding ahead.  Basically, I am filling in the spaces with a bunch of tacks allowing the metal to cool between tacks – slow and tedious, but it is working!  No pictures to share for now – maybe next weekend.