Ventilator – 6/26/2015

This is what I am thinking on how to set up the ventilator…  I will have a filter at each end of the hose and support the host after it leaves the garage.  I will also divide the garage in half and place a plastic sheet down the middle of the garage to try to keep fumes in the back half and let the ventilator handle the fumes.

Ventilator – 6/23/2015

Bought a used Harbor Freight Ventilator from e-bay and also a couple of ducts.  I plan on taking next week off from work to try to get the car primed on the 5th.  Will use this to remove the fumes from the garage adding some filters to both ends.  Getting the ducts stretched out before setting it up.  I will place a duct at each end of the ventilator and place the duct out of a window with a cardboard frame.

IMG_1496 IMG_1495

Northern Tool Crank Rotisserie and 73 Camaro

Documenting the process of mounting my 73 Camaro on my Northern Tool Crank Rotisserie.  I am doing something different this time in trying to better adjust the center of gravity.  There were several rotisseries to choose from, but Northern Tool gave me free shipping and the rotisserie was already painted, so I went with that unit.  When I had it balanced at first, then the cranking got harder as the car turned sideways, so this is my attempt to improve that.

The front jack stands are placed under the firewall on both sides.  The height is dictated by the height of the jack and jack stands to the highest possible position:IMG_1452

The rear jack stands are under the rear frame rails on both sides:


All four jack stands: IMG_1454

The rotisserie arms are bolted to the sub frame mounts using the bolts from the sub frame:IMG_1455

There is a cage nut inside that the bolts are fastened to:IMG_1457

Rear shackle brackets are from accessible systems and there is a bushing inside the rear leaf spring mounting point:IMG_1459

Pic of rear end:IMG_1461

I also tried to center the mounting ends so the car is centered to the rotisserie:IMG_1462

Same with the front:IMG_1463

Now to adjust the mounting points on the side closest to the car which adjusts the center of gravity:IMG_1464

and the back:IMG_1465

I jacked the car up using the rotisserie, added some bricks and boards under the jack stands and lowered the car on the higher jack stands to release the weight on the rotisserie.  Now this requires a second pair of hands as I held the arm attached to the car while my buddy adjusted the rotisserie jack to the next set of holes which improved the center of gravity:IMG_1466

Rotation is much easier now:IMG_1467

For reference for the better center of gravity:IMG_1468