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6-9-2018 – Quick Update

Got a little side-tracked with a sick dog and other life priorities.  Hope to get more garage time in a couple more weeks of nursing my dog back after his surgery.  If the weather cooperates, there is still time to do what I wanted to before the cold weather hits!

5-13-2018 – Updates

Sprayed 3 coats of primer on the donor floor pan I will be using to test spraying the undercoating.  Also re-hit a few hard-to-reach spots on the floor that needed to be sprayed before undercoating.  Also sprayed the last area of the trunk inside.  Still need to spray the clear on it tomorrow.

This next week I will need to clean the garage, and scuff \ clean the areas I primed.

5-12-2018 – Updates

Scuffed and cleaned the passenger side trunk quarter – ready to touch-up tomorrow:

also pulled out what was left over from my floor patching to eventually use as a test for my undercoating:

I drilled a couple of holes which I will be using ear plugs when undercoating.  Need to be able to verify I can remove them after undercoating:

Stripped down to bare metal – Beer-30!

All cleaned up ready to prime tomorrow:

Also plan on touching-up some of the floor (street-side) with primer in a couple of spots tomorrow.

5-8-2018 – Updates

Painted the inside of the front sub-frame using Eastwood Internal Coating – had to cover existing holes with tape:

After spraying the first coat, I realized the extension hose was curling up on itself too much – attempt #1 to straighten it out:Then I decided to use a metal clothes hangar which worked wonders! Used a lot less paint and was much more efficient! I ended up spraying 2 coats waiting 24 hours between coats: ALso re-sprayed the drivers inside trunk – much better! Used Clean over it – just had to touch-up a couple spots after scuffing and cleaning. Still need to do the other side.

3-25-2018 – Update

Bought a 20′ shop vac hose and accessories, so I started the Spring cleaning – vacuuming the shell and working on the blast cabinet – it is so nice to be able to vacuum around the garage without dragging the shop vac all around!  Also got the proper attachments to make cleaning more efficient:

cleaned-up by the blast cabinet:vacuumed the shell: also wiped down the primer on the floor: Working on the blast cabinet – first is to add a baffle for the vacuum hose inlet…This baking pan should do the trick! after cutting a small section using the cut-off wheel: Still have more Spring cleaning to do, but with the warmer weather, I plan on getting out to the garage more frequently now.

3-11-2018 – S10 Door

Finished up the drivers side door.  Putting off the 3rd door for a while – might have a friend that does bodywork do that one.  This tool was key to getting the door to line up properly to close.  Slides into the latch and striker then you use leverage to tweak it into place:

Finally closes!

and opens!

Swapped out the mirror and weather strip from original door:

Interior swapped!
Still need to do the 3rd door and eventually paint the driver’s door, but at least it is much better now!

3-7-2018 – S10 Door(s)

Got the donor driver’s side door mounted.  Doesn’t quite line-up correctly to shut and there is no adjusting.  Thinking it is the damage to the 3rd door which I will need to replace.  I was hoping I could delay doing that.

Could’t quite get the new pins flush – put that on hold for now:

Donor door mounted – trial fit with 3rd door open (in back):
Just off by a hair with the 3rd door shut: Another shot at the damaged portion of the 3rd door:


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