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Labor Day 2019 Update

Broke down the rotisserie and set up the sub-frame over the last week or so.  Next steps will be to rebuild the 12-bolt and work on the suspension:

Unhooked from shell – shell on jack stands: Tight fit in rear: Most of rotisserie removed without knocking the shell off of the jack stands – just need to break down the portion in back: Success!: Now to work on either storing it or deciding to sell it:Much more room without the rotisserie! 4 new jack stands for the subframe: Rotisserie? What rotisserie? Small pile of junk to throw out:I can still use the ladder to access the 2nd floor where parts are stored: Garage is now ready to dive into suspension (it is better organized now than what is in final pic)… I can get the S10 back in the garage now and just have some dusting and vacuuming to do before winter hits!

6-2-2019 – Undercoating

Undercoating is done! Using u-pol Raptor Bedliner.  Day one: Taping and plugging holes: I needed to protect part of the rear frame rails for when I install the sub-frame connectors. There there were various screw holes where I either used cotton balls or ear plugs (for shooting). Then I used plastic painters drop cloths to protect the rest of the shell and I covered the floor and tools to protect from over spray. The stars finally aligned and no more excuses to delay any further…  The lighting isn’t the best and I will try to get better pics in a week once it is completely dried. There are a couple of small things I want to do while it is still on the rotisserie, but be winter it will no longer be on the rotisserie!  Loki – my Norwegian Elkhound enjoyed the day supervising. 

I sprayed two coats with an hour between.  Temp was about 70 and 60% humidity.  I had a couple of fans going and the garage door open a jar for good air flow.  I had 8 bottles and ended up using 5.  I would do about half and start the other with a new bottle rather than go until the bottle is out.  Less than an hour to spray, an hour flash and then less than an hour to spray second coat.  I then waited an hour or so and removed the plugs and tape along with the plastic.  Take your time and make sure you review that you have all plugs out.

05-26-2019 – Undercoating Progress

Yesterday I was able to practice applying u-pol Raptor bedliner (for undercoating) to a spare piece of sheet metal.  Today I masked the shell in preparation which I hope to apply sometime next week (weather permitting)…

Before pic – I had previously sanded, primed, and scuffed: 1st coat at 50 psi: 2nd coat an hour later: Test tape and ear plug (for screw holes) removed after 45 minutes – no problem: Test tape and ear plug removed after 1.5 hours – no problem!: When it came to masking, I started at the front: Then each side of the car: Finally the rear: and wheel wells: I still need to cover the floor and tools and then clean and plug the holes and tape where I don’t want it to be applied. I have no concerns after testing on cardboard and the spare sheet metal – just need to find the time and have the weather cooperate. The temp was around 70-75 at 60% humidity inside the garage when I tested – doesn’t get any better than that!

03-24-2019 – Firewall Paint

So if you recall last year I messed up and painted the bottom half of the firewall satin black when I should have used gloss black.  The weather was warm enough yesterday I sprayed 3 coats of gloss black after scuffing\cleaning…



It is better, but still not as good as I would like.  Not entirely happy and may spray a few more coats this summer of strip and re-do. Not sure that it will even be visible with the 427 BigBlock and A/C in the engine compartment.

Need to tackle the block sanding and undercoat the bottom this summer – if I can fit this in or time this fall, I will re-visit it then as I decide what I will do with it.

I have two NOS trim pieces coming in the mail.  I’ll post pics when they arrive – they will complete my NOS trim search and I will have a complete set of NOS trim to put on the Camaro.

03-05-2019 – Spring supplies and decoding Raptor bedliner age

So after learning how to decode the age of the Raptor bedliner, I realized what I had was expired, so I ordered another kit to be safe.  I already had a couple of bottles to use on my test section.  The kit and guns arrived today – the guns were cheap enough that I will use them and move on to the next without cleaning between bottles.  The price was right and cheaper than the recommended cleaner.  Tomorrow my paint should arrive to touch-up the firewall from last year and to use on the hidden windshield wiper components.  I am sure I will need to order more, but at least I can get started as soon as the conditions are right to paint again…

So here is what I learned for decoding the raptor bedliner age:  First, the hardener deteriorates faster than the base.  As a sense check for any hardener already opened see if the contents of the hardener are really liquid (reducer like consistency) if it “sounds” thicker- i.e. syrupy then it has gone passed its useful life.

Typically the batch numbers for the Raptor base is on a paper ticket on the cardboard box. The hardener is batch labelled with a paper ticket on the base. The batch labels use the same 5 digit format where the first digit represents the year so for 2018 this will be 8, 2019 will be 9 and so forth. The next two digits represent the week number when they were produced. The final two digits represent the run sequence through the factory.

02-16-2019 – Another Diecast

Another diecast Camaro arrived:

Just ordered another one today. Will post another pic when it arrives. My display case is filling up with diecast Camaros! After the Daytona race tomorrow and my dog gets his stitches out on Tuesday, I should be able to get some more garage time in. Making a list of supplies for the warmer weather. More to come.


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