72-73 Deluxe Window Regulators

I also had to buy some deluxe window regulators… I left the image resolution high in case others need to examine them up close… The first in the deluxe window regulator which is longer than the normal one.
The normal one is smaller and wouldn’t have worked with the deluxe door panels I bought.

Quick Status Update…

No pictures to post right now.  I was able to get the 12-bolt completely disassembled – had to rent a axle bearing puller from AutoZone.  Next week I will clean it and inspect it to decide if I will rebuild it – things are looking good so far.  This weekend I hope to work on the engine to get it ready for the Daytona 500 party on Feb 22nd.  Also next week I hope to get back to sanding the shell so I can prime it once it gets warm enough.  I also ordered some deluxe door panels and deluxe dash gauge bezel which should arrive tomorrow.  I also ordered a set of deluxe window regulators for the deluxe door panels.  Will post pictures when they arrive.