10-16-2016 Update (Floor)

The street side of the car floor is now either stripped or scuffed (areas I couldn’t reach with stripping tools).  Next will be the inside of the trunk, then a little more body work.  I started cleaning the trunk before starting to strip\scuff it.

Rear trunk area:


Inside trunk – left side (driver’s side) cleaned.  There is a little surface rust, but doesn’t appear to be too bad – will know more one it is stripped.img_2212

Went to Harbor Freight for some supplies – rivets.img_2213

Also bought some more 3M body adhesive for a couple of non-structural areas instead on welding.img_2214

Will be taking the week after this (the last full week in October) off to work on the car – will see how far I get.  Ideally I would get out there a little bit during this next week – will see!

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