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12-bolt update

Ordered the last of the parts I need for the rebuild of the 12-bolt. Just need a couple of tools for the job. Debating on renting them vs buying them. Verified the parts I ordered match what I thought I needed comparing them to the original parts. Maybe start next weekend? I really need to get more garage time in, but work and other priorities have conflicted. Dusting off and revising my to-do list out there.

Rear Brakes

Received my rear brake’s for the 12-bolt rebuild. These are complete with the parking brake cable.  I was going to go the disc brake route, but decided against it after researching posts on the topic.  These should do just fine.  The goal for this weekend is to inspect the rest of the parts and order what remains before re-assembling. I spent time watching the rebuild video start-to-finish and have already added to my shopping list. The 12-bolt gasket and bolts should be here next weekend.

8-14-2020 Update

Have not posted much related to the Camaro lately.  2021 is dedicated to the suspension (including 12-bolt).  The supplies are starting to trickle in:

engine mounts and misc screws for the misc parts in pic #2 New cross shaft for the 12-bolt rebuild – American Express had a deal with Summit Racing where if you spend $50 you get $10 back.  I couldn’t pass up:

5-28-2017 – 12-bolt

Not too much to report.  Did some cleaning and scuffing inside the shell and around the patching I did yesterday for the 4-speed trans hump.  There were a couple of spots inside the shell I want to go over again with some more epoxy.

I also pulled out the 12-bolt to clean it for the first time since having it blasted and epoxied.  Glad I did because I discovered a couple of spots I want to re-do in epoxy before paining it:

Sprayed the inside with brake cleaner

There is also another spot like this on the other side.

12-bolt Sand Blasted & Primed

The 12-bolt has been sand blasted & has been Epoxy primered… This was done by someone else (the friend I bought the engine from knows someone who did this for me) – I will paint this Spring once it is warm enough. Tried to find a before picture:
and after – it looks even better in person!
I will need to clean the inside again before rebuilding it.