Feb 9, 2014 Update – Patch Panel

I had some remaining work from the floor patch panel from last summer.  I had to get the old brake bracket off the old floor – will need to weld it to the new floor later.

Here is the bracket on the old floor:


I started by drilling out the spot welds I could find:IMG_0525 IMG_0526

Then I used a body saw to cut it out with the old floor metal still on it:IMG_0527

Then I used my vice to hold it while I worked on getting the old metal off of it:IMG_0528

This body seam buster came in real handy:IMG_0529

You can see some of the spot welds I had missed:IMG_0530 IMG_0531

Used my grinder to smooth the old spot welds down:IMG_0532 IMG_0533Will put this in the blast cabinet and prime it before welding to the new floor.


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